Intel announces new vPro processors for business, safety first

In 2022, more than 150 vPro-based and 12th-generation Intel Core computers will be launched

Intel has announced the latest Intel vPro platform based on 12th Generation Intel Core processors. Intel vPro Enterprise for Windows is the commercial platform dedicated to large and medium-sized enterprises. It is equipped with a complete set of safety technologies. Intel vPro Essentials extends security and device management capabilities, formerly aimed at large enterprises, to the small and medium-sized business segment, and also incorporates Intel Hardware Shield to protect platforms based on the Windows operating system. In the end, Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome creates a new class of Chromebook for use in corporate environments with the performance, stability and security levels required by professional use. This new platform also allows IT managers to match the right device to the right user.

“The next generation of the Intel vPro platform is designed to offer businesses ever higher security, performance and manageability. Additionally, with the introduction of the 12th Generation Intel Core processors, we are rethinking the way people work with our hybrid architecture for business, productivity and multitsking, ”said Stephanie Hallford, vice president and general manager, Business Intel Client Platforms. Based on the Intel 7 process, the new Intel vPro platform with 12th Generation Intel Core processors offers a design that combines Efficient-core (E-core) and Performance-core (P-core), allowing users to multitask and collaborate, relying on your PC to manage both user and IT applications. The processors are up to 27 percent faster than the previous generation and offer up to 41 percent better performance than the competition in mainstream applications, according to the CrossMark ranking. They support DDR5 memory in desktops and DDR5 and LPDDR5 memory in mobile. The entry-level Intel vPro Enterprise workstations also support ECC memory with the corresponding Intel chipset

When it comes to digital security in the enterprise, the new chips include Intel Threat Detection Technology (Intel TDT), hardware-based ransomware detection capabilities to improve the effectiveness and speed with which threats are detected. A new system called Anomalous Behavior Detection, is capable of detect “living off the land” and “supply chain” attacks. It uses artificial intelligence to profile app “virtuous behaviors” and to report anomalies to endpoint security software, all in real time. Intel says more than 150 products of each size will be available from hardware manufacturers this year, “combining the security and manageability of the vPro platform and the amazing user experiences of Intel Evo for mobile devices.”