Intel launches new Xeon supercomputer processors

New features for AI, cloud computing, networking and the edge

Intel unveiled fourth-generation Xeon Scalable processors (codename Sapphire Rapids), Intel Xeon Max Series CPUs (codename Sapphire Rapids HBM), and Data Center Max Series GPUs (codename Ponte Vecchio), leading to a quantum leap in performance, efficiency and security in the data center and offer new capabilities for AI, cloud computing, networking and edge, and for the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Developed with customer and partner needs in mind, 4th Generation Xeons target differentiated systems at scale to address IT challenges. In addition, fourth-generation Xeons are Intel’s most sustainable data center processors, with a variety of power and performance management features that make optimal use of CPUs, helping to meet users’ sustainability goals.

“The launch of the fourth generation Xeon Scalable processors and Max Series family of products is a pivotal moment in restarting Intel’s path to leadership in the data center industry and growing our presence in new arenas,” said Sandra Rivera, executive vice president and general manager, Intel’s Datacenter and AI Group. to-value and supporting their pace of innovation”.