Inter blinda coach: “Trust in Inzaghi”

Marotta: “He’s doing a great job”

Does coach Simone Inzaghi have Inter confidence? “God forbid, he’s doing a great job, he knows how to coach and manage the team very well. We are Inter, and if we want to say one important thing, everyone is more careful, from the management to the technical area and the players. When wearing this shirt should be honored, I’m sorry for yesterday’s 60 thousand and for the 70 thousand of other occasions. We have an obligation: we must repay them in the best possible way and we can only believe in it, these mistakes will serve for the future “. Inter CEO Beppe Marotta said this to Sky Sport microphones in the aftermath of the home knockout in the Champions League against Bayern Munich.

“Our state of mind is that of a healthy realism, every defeat brings with it a more careful analysis of the problems – continues the Nerazzurri CEO -. The comparison is part of being a manager, we have a very close staff both at managerial and technical level. A comparison always gives rise to something positive for the future “. Does the second star remain the goal? “When Inter participate in a competition, they have the obligation to run for the best, the second star is a dream that I think can be realized. We must be aware that we are dealing with great opponents, but this should not scare us. In the end , whether it be us or not, we must have done our duty “.

Inter pays for the heavy absence of Romelu Lukaku: “Football is a collective game, it is played in eleven. You must never rely on your strength and expectations on a single player, even if we are talking about Lukaku. Whoever replaces him must be all ‘height of what Inter represent, from this point of view I know that we have a team of professionals: now we are not doing well, we must have faith and give our all “, concludes Marotta.