Inter-Juve 1-0, Allegri: “Restarting after a negative week”

“We must continue to follow our path”

“Did Inter take the Scudetto match point? I don’t know if they took it, we have to continue to follow our path. It was a difficult match, we knew it, against a strong team.” Massimiliano Allegri analyzes the match that his Juventus lost 1-0 at Inter. The Bianconeri slip to -4 behind the Nerazzurri, who also have a game in hand.

“The first half was blocked, they scored this goal, there was an opportunity from Thuram in the open field, the same one we had with Vlahovic. They managed the ball more in the first half, in the second the the match was split, there were opportunities on both sides, it was more fun to watch, then they have great quality, when they restart they have precision”, Allegri tells Dazn.

“We absolutely have to improve on this, but I don’t have anything to reproach the boys for, only to compliment them for what they did. Now we need to put aside this week which was negative, which is always there throughout the season, we need to reduce it to a week and start again with Udinese”, he adds.