Inter-Milan, Pioli: “For 4 minutes the ball was ours, then the goal”

The analysis of the Rossoneri coach

“In the first 4 minutes we were the only ones who had the ball.” Stefano Pioli, Milan coach, finds himself analyzing a new defeat in the derby. This time, Inter – their fifth consecutive success in the 2023 derbies – won 5-1. The words of the Rossoneri coach do not sound new. In the spring, after the 2-0 defeat in the Champions League semi-final, the coach had commented on the defeat in an almost identical way: “In the first 7 minutes they had never entered the area”. In short, the encouraging start – according to Pioli – is systematically followed by Inter’s goal. The technician’s words bounce around social media and become the topic of ironic discussions between videos and memes. The profiles of Milan fans, in reality, do not willingly participate: the posts criticize yet another flop in a derby, with a script now sadly consolidated also in terms of tactics. Inter careful, Milan punished repeatedly by the Nerazzurri.

“What was the original sin of this derby? The approach? Having conceded the goals in moments in which it seemed we could put things right. Even the second goal. It’s bad for how we took it,” he tells Dazn . “We had the ball… I don’t think we missed too many passes, we had a fair amount of quality. We were careless on the counterattacks and it was like that for the whole match. Even when we deservedly shortened because we were playing the game…”, he claims.

“The 3-1 cut our legs short. It shouldn’t happen, it’s a situation we’ll work on because it’s sad to lose the derby in such an important way. We were in the game until the 3-1. We can do better, in certain situations the Inter were smarter, smarter and more effective than us”, he adds to Dazn.

“It’s clear that we can do better and we will work hard to do so. We absolutely must continue because at the start of the season it is normal, having changed so much, that we could have difficulties. I’m keeping the 70 minutes, the last 15 have to be reviewed and canceled : we must remain a team until the end”, says Pioli again.

“After a defeat like this, is it a good thing to play straight away? No consequences. I coach a mature team. We will be able to analyze the things we did wrong to try to do well on Tuesday. No psychological problems. It went badly, sorry for us and for the players our fans, we’re very sorry. We won’t have any psychological repercussions. We’re at the beginning of the championship and we want to be competitive until the end. We grew with the victories and now we have to learn to grow with this heavy defeat”, he concludes.