Inter transfer market, Samardzic deal: the two ‘truths’

The footballer’s father calls Rafaela Pimenta into question, who replies

The lack of white smoke between Inter and Lazar Samardzic for the midfielder’s transfer to Milan is destined to cause further discussions in the 2023 transfer market. According to the latest news, the Nerazzurri had in fact reached an agreement with Udinese, the player was arrived in town but eventually the deal fell through. Mladen Samardzic, father of the 2002 class, gave his version of the facts: “Inter made a mistake: they conducted the whole negotiation and closed the deal with a person who didn’t have permission to do so. I’m referring to Rafaela Pimenta, whom I have only seen once in my life – he told Sportitalia – I don’t know how she managed to get into this thing: the negotiation was between Udinese and Inter, then we found her in the middle that he wanted to close the deal without our permission”.

“When we received the draft of the Nerazzurri contract and saw that you were there as intermediary and representative of Lazar, we asked to speak directly with Inter. On 11 August we met in Milan with Marotta and Ausilio, I explained that we hadn’t given any permission to Pimenta.They didn’t want to talk any more about anything because they were very angry: the only communication problem was because my son wanted to go to Inter, Udinese wanted to sell him to them and the Nerazzurri wanted to buy him. We never talked about money with Inter, we never negotiated anything because we didn’t have the opportunity,” he added.

Shortly after came Rafaela Pimenta’s response to Sky Sport: “I’m sorry that Samardzic’s father justified his decisions with these arguments. For me, the facts speak for themselves. From the meeting I had with him and his wife together with Kolarov in my office in Montecarlo, to the many calls made together with the various clubs, to his request addressed to Udinese to speak directly with me.And again: our appointment together at the Inter headquarters, the ok given to Inter, the toasts with him and his wife in a hotel in Milan, the video call with his son to organize medical visits, the arrival of other family members and the cameraman for video shooting.After all this, the father made requests that I essentially did not share and in form and at that moment I decided to step aside”.