Internationally renowned actor becomes a father, his girlfriend is pregnant

Beloved actor becomes dad, no one would have expected this twist close to Christmas Eve: what a gift full of love!

There parenting it’s a choice that completely changes the life of anyone, let alone an internationally renowned actor who is always on the road. There acting it’s a fascinating and complex world, especially when you reach such important levels. The actor becomes a father, this drove the audience crazy. Loved both for her professionalism and for his charm, will she be able to keep up with the upcoming film sets and the baby? A was born unbreakable lovehere’s what has shocked the fans who have always followed the artist.

actor becomes dad –

2022 was an eventful year that have overwhelmed the whole world from many points of view, beautiful and ugly. See him conclude with gods positive and hopeful events, can only make the ending slightly sweeter. A pregnancy, especially when it is well liked as in the case of the actor who becomes a father with his girlfriend, is a source of immense happiness! There official communication of the happy event takes place in a way unexpected, that’s why the fans were speechless: they never would have imagined it.

Actor becomes dad, joy is uncontainable!

We are talking about a ad which just happened at an event followed by people all over the world. The pregnancy came like a bolt from the blue, but on the other hand even famous people, such as internationally renowned actors, when they become dads communicate it and make it official as they see fit. There news comes from those directly involved, without words, only with their presence: here’s how they communicated to everyone the arrival of the baby.

There source of the news it’s the very event that the actor-to-be-dad and his fiancée show up at. So, they are directly interested in to communicate the news.

actor becomes father, Alessandro Borghi
Alessandro becomes a dad (Credits: @alessandro.borghi)-

We are talking about the talented Alessandro Borghi and his girlfriend Irene Forti. Related since 2019 as reported by the editorial staff of Gossip di Alfonso Signorinithe newspaper Who, they get together after a major breakup for the actor. He had just broken up with Roberta Pitronebut after a few months the spark strikes with Irene. They appear in public together for the first time in 2021, on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival: since then, they have been inseparable.

They communicate their pregnancy to the whole world by participating in the Red Carpet of the Cinema Moderno in Rome. The event in question is the one concerning the promotion of his latest film Eight Mountains, premiered at the cinema from 22 December. She shows herself in a black dress and with the belly in bellavista, him wearing a dazzling smile that hardly goes unnoticed. They say nothing about it interestingly, their image is enough to communicate everything: joy, happiness and a great desire for the future!