Internationally renowned showgirl confesses tragic childhood: “I ran away from home and at 13”

Internationally renowned showgirl confesses something unsuspected to fans: as a child she experienced terrible events, outside the truth.

Marked by an unspeakable past, the Internationally renowned showgirl breaks the silence: tells him tragic events that made it what it is. Not everyone is lucky enough to live a peaceful childhood in the arms of mom and dad, there are those who are famous or not, were forced to become an adult too soon, missing out on what will never come back: childish light-heartedness. Today’s protagonist takes nothing for granted, and she wants to explain what she has learned from her own experience.

Internationally renowned showgirl confesses sadness of the past (Credits: Sologossip)

Life smiled at her in the future, but trauma and serious psychological damage are hidden in her past. There Showgirl of international renown has given its all to obtain great results, and those obtained are nothing more than the fruit of his hard work, but above all perseverance in achieving a goal. The dancer gets naked, and without filters explains what happened to her so tragic. Seeing her today one would not believe what she said, but it is the pure and sad truth.

Internationally renowned showgirl confesses tragic past

Know that a child live a sad and difficult childhood, break anyone’s heart. If this character then becomes a famous face who is recognized all over the world, it shocks even more. Actually, you can see very little from the TVmore precisely the public attracted by pure and healthy entertainment, is subject to seeing “the beauty of life”, making all the sufferings disappear, which are there, but are not seen.

Here because the beloved internationally renowned Showgirl has decided to get naked, without feeling any remorse or shame in having told everything. The story is broadcast in the living room of Very true, the interview made by the presenter of Mediaset, Silvia Toffanini leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, but helps to give depth to the showgirl saved by the dance, his work and greatest love.

Internationally renowned showgirl, Heather Parisi confession
internationally renowned showgirl, Heather (Credits : @heather__parisi)- Sologossip

We are talking about Heather Parisi a dancer of American origins, but who in our country made the TV of the seventies, eighties and nineties, more colorful! She has had a successful career. After winning scholarships in the United States and studying at the American Ballet, Italy has become his home.

Too bad that at 13 she was forced to go and live alone due to family problems. She says she had to mother her sister tiffany, because the father had left home when she was only two years old, and the mother put in front of her responsibility too much for an 8 year old girl. She explains thus:


So despite the difficulty, dance allowed her to do what she always wanted. She arrived in Italy and at 45 she met her Humbert, together they built a family with children Elizabeth and Dylan.