Internationals of Italy, the Central will have coverage: the announcement of Cozzoli

“The construction site will last two years, the final cost of the intervention will be around 35 million euros”

“Now that everything is about to end, the time has come to make the announcement that everyone has been waiting for for years: the Central. Coverage will come. The feasibility project has been awarded“. This was the announcement of the president and CEO of Sport e Salute Vito Cozzoli during the final press conference of the 2023 Italian tennis internationals.

“It is a futuristic project that will make the Central Forum usable 365 days a year. In the same philosophy that we are adopting for the Stadio Olimpico, therefore not only for tennis, but also for that and we know how eagerly awaited this work is what would be needed in the edition that is about to end.The center will therefore be multitasking, multidisciplinary, representing a space that can accommodate many other sports such as volleyball, basketball, martial arts such as taekwondo, but also concerts and shows. And then no more big matches suspended and postponed,” said Cozzoli.

“The guidelines that have been followed – he explained – have taken into account the landscape, architectural and monumental context of the Foro Italico Park. The socio-environmental impact of this project was also taken into account. In the design competition, which has been on hold for so long and which Sport and Health has restarted and revived, 33 competing ideas entered. 7 proposals reached the final selection. Now the administrative process will begin and the executive project will arrive within 6 months. Subsequently we will proceed to the call for tenders for the award of the contract”.

“Let me underline a decisive aspect. The works will not stop the Internationals in their natural home. We will continue to play here. No moving, no impediments. Because the company that will be awarded the contract will have to undertake to interrupt the work during the tournament, allowing it to proceed smoothly. To take them back at the end. The construction site will last two years – Cozzoli explained again – The Central will therefore have coverage by 2026, the year that will see the conclusion of the redevelopment of the entire Foro Italico Park. Therefore, we at Sport e Salute have been waiting for years of work to be able to donate a unique jewel like the Foro Italico to Rome, Italy and the whole world, which will have its heart in the covered Central Centre”.

The final cost of the intervention to cover the Foro Italico plant will be around 35 million euros also taking into account the adjustment of energy prices and the cost of raw materials”, explained the president and CEO of Sport and Health on the sidelines.