Internet, Mix opens two new PoPs in Rome and Caserta

Mix, public interchange point Internet in Italy, announces the opening of two new ones Popin Rome and in Caserta in response to the needs of operators Tlc of the central south of the country. The two new PoPs, he explains, are part of the national expansion process approved by the BoD of Mix and undertaken starting from 2017 with the inauguration of the Palermo PoP which was followed, in 2022, by that of Bologna. This development “was favored on the one hand by the need to facilitate and incentivize the exchange of data at a local level, offering optimal solutions for connecting content and service providers that require reduced access times and, on the other hand, by the availability of increasingly high-performance and high-speed access technologies” underlines a note.

The PoPs of Rome and Caserta are configured to all intents and purposes as independent Internet Exchanges and will be hosted in third-party data centers, characterized by a high level of reliability and above all equipped with large spaces capable of immediately hosting dozens of operators . With the opening of the regional IXs, in fact, Mix has decided to “focus decisively on the enhancement of territorial initiatives, forging commercial alliances with data center providers”. To this end, “once the local partner with high growth potential has been identified, know-how and relationships are shared with the top market players to create the right conditions to invite these large players to interconnect locally. The ultimate goal is, in fact, that to favor the birth of more delocalized communities of interests but supported by the presence of the PoP of an IX” he adds.

In the new Rome PoP, alongside the local Exchange, the Milan Lan will also be made optionally available for small and medium-sized operators, who will thus be able to connect immediately to a further 260 networks currently present only in Milan. In the case of Caserta, these become 380, always in addition to the local interchange point which, of course, will develop over time. MIX continues its mission of contributing to the development of a more performing, efficient Internet with more advantageous traffic costs for operators. “For this reason, thanks to the experience in the Caldera DC, special conditions have been agreed with the Data Centers that host the PoPs to host small TLC PoPs, typically required by smaller operators” concludes Mix.