Intesa Sanpaolo, 4-day week and smart working with no monthly limits

The bank’s proposal to the people of the Group operating in Italy

An evolution of smart working with the possibility of flexible working up to 120 days a year, without monthly limits and a short week of 4 days of 9 working hours for equal pay, on a voluntary basis and compatibly with technical and organizational needs and productive of the bank. Intesa Sanpaolo will propose to the people of the Group operating in Italy a new work organization model that meets the needs of reconciling the professional and working life balance of its people and demonstrates attention to their well-being, through innovative solutions of working methods with the objective to make the bank even more agile and dynamic, at the service of a more demanding clientele”.

Discussions with the trade unions, while taking place in a profitable and constructive manner, did not find consensus on the overall content, but Intesa Sanpaolo, confirming its attention to the people of the Group, will continue to propose the best solutions to those who work in the leading bank Italian, introducing the new features from January 2023.

The decision confirms the importance of continuously enhancing the people of the Group and of their growth and satisfaction, also thanks to the relationship of trust and the improvement of professional experience, intervening on the organization of work with useful tools to continue to favor the reconciliation of private needs with corporate ones, the enhancement of corporate welfare, productivity, inclusion, social relationships between colleagues.

The proposal provides for the possibility of increasing flexible working from home on a voluntary basis up to 120 days a year, with a meal voucher allowance of 3 euros per day, to also take into account the expenses incurred working from home, and to work 4 days a week, increasing the daily hours to 9 on a voluntary basis, for equal pay, with no fixed day obligation. From January 2023, the people who work in Intesa Sanpaolo will be able to individually access these methods, further improvements compared to the current ones, compatibly with the company’s technical, organizational and production needs. A trial period will also be launched in around 200 branches.

Intesa Sanpaolo, the leading private employer in Italy with 74,000 people (96,000 worldwide), wants to cope with the changes taking place in the banking and financial sector by proposing cutting-edge solutions and tools, within the regulatory framework, in terms of organization of work, in line with its constant commitment to well-being and inclusion which places the Group at the top of the main international indexes. Placing the development of the Bank’s professionalism at the center in a context of attention to needs and expectations is a key element for the implementation of the 2022-2025 Business Plan. The organizational model that is prefigured by these new measures will put the Bank in the best competitive conditions to face the challenges that await it in the light of the changing economic and social context, in particular the transition towards digital services and high technological innovation.