Intesa Sanpaolo-Isybank case, what happens? Answers to customer questions on Sky TG24

“We communicated according to the rules, and migrated customers obtain various advantages”: this is how Intesa Sanpaolo, speaking on Sky Tg24 Business, takes its position on the investigation opened today by the Antitrust. Watch the video with all the customers’ questions and the bank’s answers.

Guest on Sky Tg24 Business, Claudia VassenaIntesa Sanpaolo Digital Retail Sales and Marketing Manager, answers the questions asked by customers and collected by Sky Tg24 on the transition of many thousands of account holders from Intesa Sanpaolo to Isybank, the group’s new digital bank.

The Antitrust investigation

This on the day in which the Competition and Market Authority initiated preliminary proceedings against Intesa Sanpaolo SpA and Isybank SpA, because the method of communicating this migration would be “ambiguous and not consistent with the importance of the issue treated”.

Approximately 2 thousand reports arrived

Around two thousand reports have been received by the Authority regarding the transfer of account holders from Intesa Sanpaolo to Isybank. “A first important victory which we hope will now lead Intesa Sanpaolo to immediately review its positions, allowing customers opposed to the transfer to remain with them”, the note released by the National Consumers Union.