Intimate photos of Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral were leaked

The singer Anuel AA He doesn’t take off for a minute from his wife Yailin, the most viral. They got married a few months ago and despite their work commitments they never separate. Quite the contrary, they accompany each other in everything and show it on social networks in front of their millions of fans around the world.

Recently Anuel AA toured Europe and after his presentations he took the opportunity to take several walks with Yailin the most viral, in different cities of the old continent. The truth is that the tour of the benchmark of the urban genre was going to continue through the United States but he suspended it at the last minute.

Anuel AA He issued a statement in which he said that the reasons for the suspension were personal and that he also wanted to devote himself completely to finishing his album, which he left on pause to go to Europe. Internet users immediately thought that yailin she would be pregnant since she has been looking for him for a while.

Anuel AA and Yailin. Source: Terra archive

At the moment there is nothing confirmed but in the meantime Anuel AA keeps showing up with Yailin, the most viral in all the corners of his luxurious apartment that he has in Miami, but now he has gone too far and published some photos in his stories in which his girlfriend is giving him oral pleasure.

Netizens immediately criticized that Anuel AA has published that type of intimate photos with yailin and this made the singer who eliminated them reconsider, but it was too late because many had taken the captures of the social network of the little camera where both are very active.