“Intimate relationships after childbirth? Don’t be like me ”: it was she who confessed it

Having become a mother for about a month, the beautiful model confessed to followers what her life is like under the sheets after giving birth.

Just about a month ago, she gave birth to her baby and, together with her partner, she couldn’t be happier. Both young and beautiful, they are a couple since 2019 and their great love has pushed him to completely turn his life upside down by even moving to another country.

Sensational confession after childbirth (Credits: Instagram)

The new parents are well-known faces of TV: each of the two, in their own country, has had some experience in highly successful programs and also on the web they are very popular. They gave their eldest daughter a very special name, that is Gala and, although the early days with a newborn in the house are not easy at all, their happiness right now is skyrocketing.

On the other hand, their passion was evident right away. In the course of the transmission in which they met three years ago, they were the protagonists of a night that was quite ‘bright’ that did not escape the eye of the cameras. Now, to the curious followers, the gorgeous model has made a particular confession, leaving many somewhat surprised.

“I didn’t respect the famous ‘quarantine’”: she confesses everything after giving birth

Now that she is struggling with bottles and diapers, someone on Instagram asked the new mom a question about intimate relationships after childbirth. She responded by making a premise: “I’m not the best person to talk about s ***”. Are you curious to know what it refers to?

Apparently, the young influencer would not have been very diligent in following the advice that doctors usually give on the subject. “It is usually recommended not to have intercourse after giving birth for 4-6 weeks. In my case I have not respected the famous ‘quarantine’, so don’t be like me! ”She confessed openly. Finally, she did not fail to specify: “You must always listen to your gynecologist”.

We are talking about Violeta Mangrinana 28-year-old Spanish model who has become known in her country thanks to her participation in Mujeres y Hombres y vice versaHispanic version of ours Men and women. It seems that the dating show has had a strong impact on her fate as since 2019 she is the partner of Fabio Colloricchio, former Italo-Argentine tronista of one of the past seasons of the transmission conducted by Maria De Filippi. The choice of him fell on Nicole Mazzocato, remember?

With Violeta, however, they met a Supervivientesthe Spanish reality show similar to ours Island of the Famous and it was there that the spark broke out. For Violeta, Fabio went to live in Spain and with her he started a family in Madrid. At the moment there is no talk of marriage yet, but it is certain that the love between them is not lacking at all. Among other things, Colloricchio in Spain has embarked on a new career and is much loved.

after childbirth
What happened after the birth (Credits: Instagram)

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