Invasion 2, what to know about the new season of the TV series

The first episode of the second season is out Invasion, the Apple TV+ TV production (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick). The focus of the TV series will be the challenge between humans and an alien species.

invasion 2everything you need to know

After the excellent results of the first ten episodes, Invasion she has returned to continue the narrative of the battle that will put the lives of so many people at risk. Apple TV+ has made available the first episode of the production titled ‘Something has changed’, between the main characters Mitsuki And Aneshathe first on board an alien ship and the second who took refuge with her children.

Here is the official synopsis of the first episode from the duration of 58 minutes: “Mitsuki is taken to an alien ship in the Amazon jungle. Aneesha and her children take refuge in a group called the Movement”.

Wednesday 30th August Apple TV+ will make available the second episode ‘Chasing Ghosts’ which will focus on Trevante And Jamila. The release will take place every Wednesday.

This is the official synopsis of the second episode from the duration of 52 minutes: “In Miami, Trevante struggles to return to everyday life. Similarly, Jamila feels an obsessive attraction to the search for Caspar”.

The second season, set a few months after what happened in the first, will focus on theAndswar fall of the aliens. The trailer for the TV series offered a first look at the work.