Investigator Denti: “Not involved in the Totti-Blasi case, allegations already denied for some time”

“Why has Attorney Simeone decided to intervene only now? The case of horns, although excellent, is a trifle for me”

“I would like to clarify that I promptly denied the allegations about my alleged involvement in the Francesco Totti-Ilary Blasi affair, issuing a statement through Adnkronos, already on September 19, 2022, a few hours after the disclosure of the first news about it, published by numerous newspapers, including and “. This is what private investigator Ezio Denti declares to Adnkronos, in a note. “I am very busy with work and I do not have the material time nor am I used to self-celebrating, researching and reading news about me, in order to produce denials whenever the press and the media write something about me”.

“If I needed publicity, just as someone has suggested, then yes I would, riding the wave, but it is not a modus operandi that belongs to my professionalism. Because the lawyer Simeone – asks Denti referring to the lawyer of Ilary Blasi – who, until Friday 13 October, has never denied any article, despite the fact that up to now, they have come out galore and of every type, has decided to intervene only now, after more than a month? corna, albeit excellent since it involves Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, is a trifle for me, a cheap and unimportant job; moreover, I would never have boasted about it! “.