InZone, the test of monitors and headphones from the Sony line for gaming

The M9 monitor brings out the best of the 4K HDR capabilities of new video games, and the headphones are wired and wireless.

Sony’s InZone line was born as a direct consequence of the company’s growing interest in PC gaming. In recent years we have seen several triple A PlayStation titles coming to Windows, and we can say that Sony is now in effect a publisher of computer games as well as consoles. InZone is a line of monitors and headphones designed to work with PC and PlayStation 5. Starting with the M9 27-inch 4K resolution monitor, the M9. This is the high-end model (there is another one in full HD), and is designed to offer HDR content with a panel that is not OLED, but is capable of local dimming with truly flawless effectiveness. At our test, watching video content was already an experience to find us in front of this accuracy. But the M9 is meant for gaming, and in fact, it basically doesn’t work like a TV and doesn’t have an internal operating system. In fact, the monitor is 3840×2140 pixels resolution with two HDMI 2.1 ports, compatibility with Nvidia G-Sync, VRR variable 144Hz refresh rate, and automatic mode for low latency. A really great monitor for both PC and PS5, with which it is fully compatible. The price is not low: 1,099 euros in the list: you pay for an excellent design, inspired by that of PlayStation, and the access ticket to the Sony ecosystem.

Another aspect of video games on which Sony pays great attention is the audio, and in the InZone line there are three models, starting with the one with H3 cable, compatible like the others with 3D spatial audio at 360 degrees. The effect is to hear the sound effects coming from space all around us, and it is supported by many latest generation video games including Sony Interactive blockbusters. The bass is powerful and the design is very comfortable, in addition to the unidirectional boom microphone which in our test has always returned a clear audio. Lifting the stem deactivates the microphone. This model with the wire costs 100 euros, while for 130 euros more you can buy the wireless version, the H7, which connect both in Wi-Fi and in Bluetooth. The batteries recharge in approximately 60 minutes and offer 40 hours of playback time. The controls are on the roof and are very easily accessible. There is also another version of InZone wireless headphones, the H9. They cost 300 euros and in addition they have noise reduction, which completely eliminates external sounds to focus on the game. All consoles can be customized with specific software if used on a PC, thanks to the InZone Hub. The prices are not the lowest on the market, but the range of options is very wide, and all the products in the line offer the possibility to try the most advanced features of PS5 and PC games.