iOS 16, the battery percentage in the status bar returns to the iPhone

The option can be activated with the beta 5, available from today

With the release of the beta 5 of iOS 16, the new operating system arriving on the iPhone in September, Apple has finally reintroduced the fixed battery percentage in the status bar at the top right. This is a function requested very loudly by users, and which had disappeared starting from iPhone X, that is when the notch at the top was introduced: to see how much battery remains, in fact, at the moment it is necessary to rely on the decreasing bar or pull down the control center curtain to get the precise percentage. Starting from the beta 5 of iOS 16, accessible immediately if you have downloaded the preview version of the operating system, simply go to Settings, choose Battery and check the “battery percentage” option. The remaining percentage will be displayed inside the battery icon, which will be white in normal mode, yellow in energy saving mode, and with a small icon next to it if the phone is charging. Of course, it will be possible to leave everything as it was before, with a bar that decreases inside the battery icon while using the phone. If, on the other hand, you have downloaded the beta of iOS 16 but you are having problems with the software, which is not yet completely complete, with this guide you can return to iOS 15 without problems.