Iotty Plus arrives: switches are even smarter

A smart switch for lights and gates, awnings and shutters and a smart socket. These are the new products of the iotty Plus line, a range of accessories for the smart home completely renewed compared to the previous iotty models that integrates new sensors, new functions, and particular attention to consumption and sustainability. We took a preview look at the new products just landed on the Italian market, which have a price that is not low but still adequate, in our opinion, to the technology they integrate: each piece costs 99.99 euros.

The new features

“We have chosen to rebuild our products from scratch – explains to Sky TG24 Edoardo Cesari, co-ceo and co-founder of the Italian company founded in 2017 and which now also has offices in the United States and China – while maintaining the points of strength of iotty that has always been design and technical characteristics “. Glasses, sensors, circuits: everything has been redesigned, as well as the installation that becomes more “streamlined” and, thanks to an intuitive step-by-step guide within the app, does not need the intervention of specialized electricians. The new iotty Plus switches also integrate sensors such as brightness, temperature and proximity sensors to which “hook” many new automations (for the series: if I enter the room, turn on the light, if the temperature rises below a certain threshold, turn on the air conditioner, and so on). The new plates “feel” the glass: when we remove it they go into standby mode and when we put it back they are able to recalibrate. Not only that: the terminals are now more spacious and the backlight has been improved. iotty Plus is able to adapt to any type of furniture and is sold in five color finishes: white, black, gray, blue and sand.

The app

Even the app that controls all the switches and sockets has been completely renewed in the name of ease of use. Now it is possible to manage more than one house, it integrates the control of the external air quality, it allows you to insert new types of automation and also to configure a new and useful interaction with the plate: it is called “give me five” and it is a sort of “additional button” that is activated by covering the device with the open hand (for example, you can choose that if you cover the switch near the entrance of the house with your hand, all the lights turn on or off). The new iotty Plus products are compatible with Alexa, Google, SmartThings and Siri Shorcuts and are ready for Apple HomeKit and the new Matter standard.

Energy saving

The topic on which iotty has chosen to push hard is also that of energy saving, also looking at the international situation and that of our portfolios. The new app is now able to offer real-time statistics on our energy consumption “speaking in euros” and not in the standard unit of measurement kWh. The app, therefore, becomes a new coach for energy saving, also advising how to reduce consumption. “We tried to become almost boring on the consumption side – explains Cesari – but for us it was essential to help the user understand what kWh means in terms of costs”, with the app that now helps to understand, only for give an example, such as the lights left on unnecessarily but also specifying how much these lights are costing us (for example, 3 euros more per day).