iPhone 14 Pro, how to activate the always on display without background

A secret option to change the always-on screen of the new iPhone

iPhone 14 Pro is the first in Apple’s history to introduce the always on display, i.e. always on to show notifications and time. Unlike what has happened for years on Android, however, the iPhone’s always-on works more like that of Apple Watch, limiting itself to “darken” the screen including the background photo. After the arrival of the iPhone 14 Pro on the market, many who tried the new feature, activated by default on the device, decided to disable it because it distracted them too much with the phone in sight. However, there is a trick to make the always-on of iPhone more similar to that of Android, with the time and other little information in white on a black background. To activate it on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max you need to go to Settings> Full Immersion (select the full immersions to use)> Options> Enable low light lock screen. Now, when the corresponding focus mode is activated, the always on will turn into a simple black screen with essential information always present, including any widgets selected.