Iran, 16 year old in coma: new ‘Mahsa case’?

The girl is hospitalized in Tehran after a suspected attack by the morality police, reports the Kurdish rights group Hengaw

A 16-year-old Iranian girl has fallen into a coma and is hospitalized in Tehran under heavy police surveillance after a suspected assault by morality police. The affair, denounced by the Kurdish rights group Hengawclosely resembles, writes the Guardian, that of Mahsa Amini, the young woman arrested for not wearing the veil correctly and who died while in police custody.

According to Hengaw, the teenager, named Armita Garawand, she was reportedly seriously injured after being beaten by moral police officers in the Shohada metro station in Tehran. The group claims that the 16-year-old is hospitalized at the Fajr hospital in Tehran and that “currently no visits to the victim are allowed, not even by her family”. A journalist from the reformist newspaper Shargh was briefly arrested for trying to reach the hospital to write about the incident.

The Guardian cites alleged footage of the incident in which a girl is seen being taken off a train by other peers in an underground station and placed on the platform, where she remains motionless, apparently unconscious. The news has already been denied by the Iranian authorities according to which the girl “fainted” due to low blood pressure and without there having been any involvement of the security forces.