Iran, “215 dead in Mahsa protests, 27 minors”

880 people arrested in Gilan province

I’m 215, including 27 minors, people who lost their lives since the beginning of the anti-government protests in Iran. This was announced by the NGO Iran Human Rights, based in Oslo, providing a balance sheet of the harsh repression of the protests that exploded after the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old girl who died after being arrested by the moral police in Tehran on charges not to have worn the Islamic veil correctly.

But the protests do not stop and today the Iranian police have arrested 880 rioters in the northern province of Gilan. This was announced by Hossein Hassanpour, deputy commander of the police forces of the province, quoted by the Tasnim news agency. “880 people involved in riots, attacks on citizens, destruction of public property in Gilan have been identified and arrested,” said Hassanpour.