Iran, 4 dead in Evin prison riot. Farnesina: “Alessia Piperno is fine”

All foreigners detained in the prison north of Tehran were not involved in the clashes

Alessia Pipernodetained in Evin prison, the scene of a riot yesterday, “is fine”. This was reported by sources from the Farnesina, which is in contact with the Italian embassy in Tehran.

Four inmates died and 61 others were injured following clashes that broke out yesterday in the prison where the thirty-year-old Italian was taken, arrested on 28 September last as part of the demonstrations against the Tehran regime after the death of Masha Amini.

The victims, detained in the special section of convicts for robberies and financed crimes, died as a result of the smoke inhaled in the fire set in the prison sewing workshop, the official Irna news agency said. Ten of the injured were hospitalized, while the other 51 in the prison outpatient clinic, in another section of which the Italian would be detained. According to Irna, during yesterday’s clashes and fire, some prisoners have attempted to escape but were blocked.

The situation has now returned to calm. All the foreigners held in the prison north of Tehran, Adnkronos learns, have not been involved and are doing well.

BIDEN – “The Iranian government is so oppressive, you can have nothing but enormous respect for those who demonstrate in the streets,” says Joe Biden of the uprising in the Iranian prison. “I must admit that I was surprised, not by the response of the regime, but by the courage of the people and women who took to the streets, taking off their veils – added the American president – it is truly extraordinary, but there is no government. a group of good people “.