Iran, 89 dead in Kerman attack. Raisi: “Our armed forces are ready”

The Iranian president visits Soleimani’s tomb, today funeral for victims of attack. Chief Pasdaran: “We will avenge the blood of martyrs”

AND’ The death toll from the double attack carried out on Wednesday near the Kerman cemetery has risen to 89, in the south-east of Iran, and claimed by ISIS. This was reported by the Press TV broadcaster. Around 280 people were injured. “The West knows that Iran has become a strong country and that our armed forces are ready. The decision to react to the Kerman attack rests with the armed forceswho will determine the appropriate time and place,” the Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisiin a speech given during the funerals of the victims of the attack carried out on the road leading to the ‘martyrs’ cemetery’ (Golzar Shahada).

Raisi, as reported by the Tasnim agency, then spoke about the war between Israel and Hamas, stating that “the Zionist entity is incapable of dealing with the Palestinian nation, despite 90 days having passed since the war”. For the Iranian president, “today more than ever the hearts of the world are with Palestine and against the Zionist entity”. Finally, the Iranian president, referring to the caliphate created in recent years between Syria and Iraq by the self-styled Islamic State, remarked that the American plan to form “another Israel” in the Middle East has “failed” thanks to the work of the late general of Guardians of the Revolution, Qassem Soleimani.

This morning, before visiting the tomb of General Qassem Soleimani in Kerman, Raisi went to the hospital to see the wounded in the attack. Then he attended the funerals of the victims of the massacre which were held in the city’s main mosque. Subsequently, a ceremony is scheduled at Golzar Shahada which the Kerman governorate has asked citizens not to attend.

Pasdaran chief: “We will avenge the blood of the martyrs of the Kerman attack”

“We will avenge the blood of the martyrs”, swore the commander of the Guardians of the Revolution (Pasdaran), General Hossein Salami, during the funeral of the victims of the attack two days ago in Kerman claimed by ISIS. Salami dedicated a passage of his speech to the self-styled Islamic State, underlining that “it was annihilated thanks to the work of commander Qassem Soleimani”, whose tomb is located in the Kerman cemetery, scene of Wednesday’s massacre. In his speech given to the crowd who attended the funeral, the general attacked the United States and Israel. The former, he claimed, failed to stop the Islamic Republic with their sanctions and were “defeated in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen”. Then the general turned to Israel. Referring to the war in Gaza, he argued that the Jewish state “has no way to escape from the quagmire it has ended up in”, adding that it is “on the verge of collapse due to the resistance in the occupied territories inflicting heavy losses on it every day”. .

Pope Francis’ telegram

The Pope, in a telegram, expressed his “deep sadness” for the victims of the explosions in Kerman and sent “assurance of his prayers for the dead and their families”. At the same time the Pontiff expressed “spiritual solidarity with the wounded” and invoked “the almighty blessing of wisdom and peace” on the Iranian people