Iran, Alessia Piperno: “My cellmate sentenced to death”

In a post, the young travel blogger recounts the moments she spent in the cell with Fahimeh Karimi, volleyball coach and mother of 3 children: “I used to sing her Bella Ciao to calm her down”

“Fahimeh was my cellmate for 34 days. One day she left the cell to go to the infirmary, and never came back.” Alessia Piperno, the Roman travel blogger who remained in prison in Iran for 45 days, thus tells the story of Fahimeh Karimi, a volleyball coach and mother of three, sentenced to death for kicking a pasdaran on her Instagram profile.

“Between us there weren’t great conversations, since I didn’t speak Farsi and she didn’t speak English – writes the 30-year-old – But we were united by the same pain and the same fears. I have been looking for her name every day since I got back , to check if they had released her too. Instead I found myself in front of an article with her face written ‘sentenced to death'”.

In the post, Alessia recounts the moments of daily life they shared together in Evin prison. “You are as white as that wall, it must be that by dint of looking at it, it ate your breaths. We are hidden in a blind spot here, your screams are like silence, you bang on the door and you trample your own tears. You I sing Bella ciao, and you start crying, other times you clap your hands. I would like to tell you more, but what can I tell you? I’m scared, too “, we read.

Alessia also said that Fahimeh screamed the names of her three children “Fatimah, Athena, Mohammed”. And then he added: “Tomorrow is a new day, maybe we’ll be free, even if yes, you’re right, I told you yesterday too. The pill arrives that will sing us the lullaby grandma, I take your hand, it’s the little that what I can do, put your head under the blanket, at least the lights are off there, look at the sky, can you see the stars too? Good night, Fahimeh”. “What does it take to stop all this? What the fuck does it take?”, finally asks the girl.

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