Iran, Codacons exhibited at Public Prosecutor’s Offices in Rome and Livorno

‘”Italian judiciary can investigate crimes committed abroad”. It calls for the prosecution of murder, persecution, violence and torture

On the serious events that have been upsetting Iran for weeks, Codacons presented a complaint to the Public Prosecutors of Rome and Livorno “on the basis of the rules that authorize the Italian judiciary to intervene in crimes committed abroad”. “The undersigned Association deems it necessary, appropriate and right to bring the request for intervention to the attention of the Italian Judicial Authorities in relation to the very serious situation, contrary to human rights, which has been taking place in the State of Iran in recent weeks – writes the Codacons in the complaint – and of which there is now ample probative documentation as denounced by the most important Non-Governmental Associations such as Amnesty International”.

“It is indisputable -explains the consumers’ association- that the facts exposed for the violence that characterizes them with the psychological intent of annihilating the legitimate manifestation and expression of one’s rights by especially young women and men configures, as documented and proved, that these are particularly heinous crimes committed as part of a political program (as demonstrated by the so-called ‘morality police’) and perpetrated on a large scale.These are crimes that are also considered such by customary international law, the list of which , is contained in the Rome Statute of 1998, in particular it concerns the crimes foreseen and punished by article 7(1)(a) and by article 7(1)(h) of the Statute. crime of persecution, refers to the conduct of the actor, even then as part of a large or systematic intentional attack directed against a civilian population, aimed at seriously depriving one or more persons of fundamental rights, in violation of international law”.

“In the case in question, moreover, the Italian jurisdiction is configured in relation to the described criminal conduct of murder, persecution, torture, sexual violence against people living in Iran where the conduct of the hypothesis of selling weapons prohibited by law on the territory Italian and directed to Iran and used for these purposes, as the article published by Repubblica and many other newspapers would seem to testify, is aimed at facilitating the execution of such crimes”, continues Codacons.

For this reason, Codacons asked the two prosecutors to “prepare all the checks necessary to ascertain whether criminally relevant cases could be hidden in the facts presented, including that referred to in article 575 of the criminal code, 609 bis and following, 613 bis and ter “. The association also makes available to all Italian women the form through which to appear as an offended party in the investigations that the Italian judiciary could initiate against Iran, the first step to request compensation in the event that crimes are ascertained. The form will be published tomorrow on the Codacons website.