Iran, Foreign Minister to Di Maio: “EU sanctions? We will respond to reckless actions”

Abdollahian: “Always attentive to peaceful protests, foreign agents foment violence and chaos”. In the interview, the ministers also talked about Alessia Piperno, the Italian arrested in Teheran

“We are not satisfied with the positions and interventions of some European officials on the latest events, and if the European Union wants to take hasty and reckless action, it must expect a response from the Iranian side“This is the warning launched by the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in a telephone conversation with the head of the Farnesina Luigi Di Maio after yesterday Italy and five other countries (Spain, Germany, France, Denmark and the Czech Republic ) proposed to the partners to impose sanctions against Iran for the death of Mahsa Amini and the violent repression of the protests.

Amri-Abdollahian, reports IRNA, guaranteed a “careful and fair” management of the investigation into the young woman killed. “The Islamic Republic has always paid attention to the peaceful demands of the people,” he said, however denouncing how in recent weeks “terrorists and foreign agents”especially in the west of the country, have fomented “violence and chaos” which resulted in the deaths of “innocent people and security agents”.

According to reports from the official Irna news agency, the two ministers also discussed the latest developments in bilateral relations, the negotiations on the JCPOA, the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, and the possible lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Abdollahian recalled his recent visit to Rome and highlighted the “historical and friendly relations” between the two countries.

As far as Adnkronos learns, it would be also talked about the case of Alessia Pipernothe young Roman woman arrested a week ago in Tehran, while the official statement from Tehran released by the Iranian agencies makes no mention of her.