Iran, Italian girl arrested in Tehran: Farnesina checks

The Italian embassy in Tehran immediately activated itself with the Iranian authorities

The Italian embassy in Tehran immediately activated the Iranian authorities to verify the news of the arrest of a girl, Alessia Piperno, as reported by her father Alberto on Facebook. Farnesina sources report this to Adnkronos, explaining that news of our compatriots involved in the protests in the country is taking place.

On Facebook Alberto Piperno describes his daughter Alessia as ” a solitary traveler ” who ” travels the world to learn about the customs and traditions of peoples. She has always adapted and respected the traditions and, in some cases, the obligations of each country she has visited ”. Piperno explains that ” we hadn’t heard from her for four days, since her thirtieth birthday, September 28th. His last access to his cell phone also bears that date. ” Then the phone call, ” it was she who, crying, warned us that she was in prison. In Tehran. In Iran. She had been arrested by the police along with her friends as she was preparing to celebrate her birthday. ”