Iran protests, pianist Bahrami: “The regime’s hours are numbered”

The great musician asks the West to avoid compromises with a brutal regime and wonders about the silence of the Holy See

”The Iranian regime, usurper and violent, is running out of time” and it will be ”the people who will bring it down, alone”, by means of ”a revolution that is no longer just for women, but concerns the entire population”. And it will do so ”in the deafening silence of the politicians and authorities” of the West, where ”there is no really important participation” in relation to the ”very sad moment” that Iran is experiencing. As if ”Iranian blood were less red than Ukrainian, or Russian, Congolese, Iraqi, Syrian blood. This hurts”. The great Iranian pianist Ramin Bahrami is said to be ”extremely indignant as a human being and as a lover of freedom”, stating with Adnkronos that ”as a Catholic I also find the lack of interest from the Holy See incomprehensible. How come he doesn’t take a stand?”.

And he invites Italy and the European Union to ”renounce their own economic interests” exhorting instead ”to work for a new democracy and a government that suits the Iranian people”. In short, is the musician’s appeal, ”just make compromises with a government that is no longer legitimate. In recent years, economic compromises have not allowed the Iranian people to free themselves from a regime they do not want, a regime that does not respect humanity”.

In front of ”innocent young boys who are hanged every day” and who ”fight every day for a crumb of freedom”, young people ”who are no longer afraid of anything and are willing to sacrifice their lives to give a future of peace and freedom for their children”, Bahrami asks himself ”how can one be so indifferent?”. Expressing his appreciation for the demonstrations that took place in the squares and for the ”cutting of locks of hair”, also in Italy, the Iranian pianist stresses that ”a stance and greater participation by the Italian people would have been desirable” against ”a criminal and murderous regime that goes against every principle of humanity”.

Addressing ”the West and the European Union”, the great pianist also asks for ”greater respect for the Iranian people, who only want to live in peace and harmony in a world where instead interests dominate cheap”. And he wonders ” where is the UN? Where is NATO? Why don’t you send weapons, because there is no invader, they remain silent?”.