Iran: “Raids on Iraq and Syria, Mossad and Isis hit”

According to local media reports there were also “several drone attacks”

Iran’s missile attack on “espionage centers and anti-Iranian terrorist groups” in Erbil, Iraq. This was reported by the Irna agency, which also publishes the images of the moment in which the missiles of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps hit the terrorists’ headquarters. Tehran announced a similar operation in Syria, where “they have been ISIS bases in the occupied territories identified and destroyed by launching numerous ballistic missiles“.

“Mossad headquarters hit”

Iran reportedly struck Mossad headquarters in Erbil, Iraq. This was reported by the Iran Observer Twitter account, according to which the news was confirmed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. “Dozens of ballistic missiles are launched and drone attacks are reported“, reports the account, which speaks of at least 6 missiles that would have hit the base.

On Twitter, IRNA, the Iranian agency, cited security sources in Iraqi Kurdistan according to which “flights were blocked at the city’s airport”. “Some media sources in the Kurdistan region of Iraq have stated that the new American consulate in Erbil was targeted by numerous missiles and rockets”, the agency writes again, also reporting “some unofficial sources”, according to which “they would have been structures belonging to the Zionist regime attacked in Erbil”.

“Explosions near the US consulate in Erbil”

Several explosions have been reported near the US consulate in Erbil, Iraq. An Iraqi security source told ABC News, according to which 4 people were killed in the raid, but there were no American casualties. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps had announced a missile raid against “anti-Iranian espionage centers and terrorist groups” in the region.