Iran refuses to sing anthem: 16 year old beaten to death in class

In a blitz on 13 October at the ‘Shahed’ high school for girls in Ardabil

An Iranian student would have been beaten to death in class for refusing to sing a hymn in favor of the Islamic Republic. The Coordination Council of Teachers’ Unions in Iran reported on Telegram, according to which the victim, 16-year-old Asra Panahi, was allegedly beaten together with several classmates by the security forces during a blitz carried out on October 13 at the girls’ high school ‘ Shahed ‘of Ardabil, in the north-west of Iran, while the anti-government protests at the national level triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini do not subside.

According to the source, several girls were hospitalized following the blitz and a number were arrested. Asra would die from her injuries. Iranian authorities denied any responsibility and later a man, identified as the 16-year-old’s uncle, appeared on state television stating that his niece would die of congenital heart disease.

For the Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights so far 215 people, including 27 minors, have died in the brutal repression of protests by the security forces.