Iran, removes veil at school: 14 year old arrested, raped and killed

The complaint of the activists, also arrested the mother to prevent her from speaking

Arrested, raped and finally killed. This was the terrible fate of a 14-year-old girl in Iran, forcibly taken by the security men of the Islamic Republic because she took off her veil while she was at school in Tehran Islamic, the hijab, in protest. Iranian activists loudly denounce it on social media, explaining that the student she died three days after being picked up by officers. Furthermore, the activists point out, the victim’s mother has disappeared, probably arrested to prevent her from reporting what happened to her daughter.

Masoomeh, this is the name of the girl killed, according to the New York Times would have been framed by the internal cameras of the school which filmed her uncovering her head. The victim came from a poor neighborhood in the Iranian capital and, as explained by the Center for Human Rights in Iran, she was found to have ”serious vaginal lacerations” in the hospital.