Iran, riot and flames in the prison of arrested demonstrators

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Clashes and a fire broke out in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran, where political prisoners are held and where, according to what was learned after the detention on September 28, the Italian Alessia Piperno is also found. Hundreds of those arrested were locked up in the facility after the protests that inflamed Iran following the death of the young Mahsa Amin. According to human rights NGOs, torture is also used in the prison. According to Iran Human Rights, “the fire is spreading in the prison” and “an explosion was heard”. In a video released by the social channel 1500tasvir, people can be heard screaming “death to the dictator”.

The fire in the Evin prison

According to several sources, the fire broke out after a riot of detainees that affected section 7 of the prison. Witnesses said gunshots were heard and groups of people gathered near the prison shouting slogans. The rioters allegedly set fire to a clothing store, causing a fire that authorities say is now being extinguished by the firefighters. According to a source, the mutineers were separated from the others, who returned to their cells. The clashes and the flames would have caused 8 injuries.

Tear gas can be fired at activist families

Some witnesses reported that explosions and gunshots were heard in the prison. The police also fired tear gas at the families of the arrested activists and students who had gathered around the prison. Meanwhile, the police have blocked the access roads to the prison. And the protests against the death of the young Mahsa Amini continue to cross the country.