Iran, “security forces shoot faces, chests and genitals of women in the square”

This is what emerges from Guardian interviews with doctors and nurses. Court denies news sentence to death Fahimeh Karimi

The Iranian security forces target the face, chest and genitals of women protesting against the regime. This is what emerges from the Guardian’s interviews with ten doctors and nurses who covertly treat those shot in the square. The wounds of women are different from those of men who come to be treated with bullets in the legs, buttocks or back. “They want to destroy the beauty of these women,” testified a doctor from Isfahan. Iranian forces fire bird-hunting pellets at close range. Especially common are blows to the eyes of women, men and children. “I treated a young woman in her 20s who had been shot in the genitals with two pellets. Ten more were lodged in her inner thigh. These were easy to remove, but the other two were not because they were nestled between the urethra and the vaginal opening. There was a serious risk of vaginal infection. It could have been my daughter,” says a doctor.

Fahimeh Karimi – Iranian volleyball coach Fahimeh Karimi was not sentenced to death, specified the Public Relations Office of the Pakdasht Court, quoted by the Mehr news agency, according to which “the case is under investigation, and so far no sentence has been issued by the judicial authorities for the accused Fahimeh Karimi and the news published online is based on false information”. For 34 days, the woman shared a cell with Alessia Piperno, the Roman blogger who was arrested on 28 September in Tehran as part of the ongoing protests over the death of Mahsa Amini and released on 10 November.