Iran, “smart” cameras arrive to identify women without a veil

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The Iranian authorities have announced a new crackdown on women who oppose the obligation to wear the veil: cameras will be installed on the streets of the Islamic Republic to identify citizens who violate the rules. Messages “warning of the consequences” will be sent to unveiled women, police said in a statement released by the Judiciary News Agency. Mizan and by other state media. The measure, according to the text released by the authorities, aims to “prevent resistance against the hijab law”. The “resistance” of women to legal obligations, they added, tarnishes the country’s spiritual image and spreads insecurity. In the statement, the police also called on business owners to “seriously monitor compliance with social standards through diligent inspections”.

Protests in Iran

Since the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old who died while in the hands of the Iranian police precisely because she did not wear the veil “correctly”, protests by women (and others) in Iran against the abuse of state power have never stopped. A large number of bare-headed citizens can now be seen in many public places in the country, despite the fact that there is always the danger of being arrested: last week a video went viral in which a man poured yogurt on the heads of two women who they wore the veil. In a statement released on March 30, the Iranian Interior Ministry described the headscarf as “one of the foundations of civilization in the Iranian nation”.