Iran, Tajani: “Tehran has crossed the red line condemning protesters to death”

In an interview with Sky TG24, the head of the Farnesina declared that he had given the Iranian ambassador “a very strong message for his executive to ask for a block on capital sentences”

We hoped for a step back, but this was not the case. “We believed that the release of Alessia Piperno was a first sign of reversal, but we were wrong: Iran has crossed the red line and has begun to execute demonstrators”, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani told Sky TG24. Actions unacceptable for Italy. “We have always been against the death penalty while we are in favor of the UN moratoriums, endorsed by a growing number of countries, which are taking a stand against the sentences”, underlined the head of the Farnesina.

Government message

Tajani made it known that he had delivered to the Iranian ambassador “a very strong message for the government of Tehran, with the request to block the death sentences and to start a dialogue with the demonstrators, especially women and young people”. What strikes Giorgia Meloni’s executive is precisely the use of capital punishment: “It is inflicted disproportionately and is unacceptable, especially when it is done in the name of God. Only God takes life, no one can do it in his name” , highlighted the foreign minister. However, there is hope that things will change. “I keep wishing that something changes. However, the television images show the exact opposite: we have even tried to open the door to nuclear negotiations but the answers are negative. People cannot be punished for wearing a veil a few inches away from what is deemed right by the moral police,” Tajani said.

The war in Ukraine

The head of the Farnesina also expressed a very clear opinion on the war in Ukraine, which has now been underway for almost 11 months. “The conflict represents a political defeat for Russia and for President Vladimir Putin, even if not yet a military one.” Tajani then recalled “like a few five years ago, the Russian president seemed to want to choose a privileged relationship with the West, but then he decided to become the leader of a reality that wants to go back to being the Soviet Union. This has led him to adopt aggressive attitudes, primarily towards Georgia: an attempt thwarted by Berlusconi and France”. Now a new attempt, “since he thought he could win a blitzkrieg in Ukraine by overestimating the Russian army, which suffered a dramatic failure”. In this regard, Foreign Minister Tajani wanted to reiterate Italy’s position, above all in support of a “just peace”: “I believe that wanting to persist in a clash of this type will not lead President Putin to any positive result and to pay it will be the Russians. We have nothing against the Russian people, who bear no responsibility, but we ask the leader to respect Ukraine’s borders and international law”.