Iran, “the athlete who competed without a veil arrested”

On Sunday he took part in the Asian Climbing Championships in South Korea

The Iranian athlete Elnaz Rekabi who on Sunday competed without a headscarf at the Asian Climbing Championships in South Korea would have been arrested. A choice in solidarity with the protests that have been going on in Iran for a month after the death of the young Mahsa Amini , who died after being arrested by the police in Tehran on suspicion of wearing the veil badly.

Since Sunday evening, contact with the climber has been lost, reported the BBC channel in Farsi, citing a source close to Rekabi. The Iranian authorities allegedly confiscated her passport and cell phone. According to the Iran Wire website, she would have been taken directly to Khomeini International Airport, before her return to Iran on Wednesday, to be transferred to Evin prison in Tehran on the orders of the intelligence of the Guardians of the Revolution. According to the news portal, she the athlete had entered the headquarters of the Iranian embassy in Seoul with the promise that she would be returned home without ‘problems’. He would have been stopped, Iran Wire still reports, even the athlete’s brother.

IRANIAN EMBASSY IN SEOUL – “Elnaz Rekabi left Seoul for Iran in the early hours of October 18, 2022 together with other members of the team” tweeted the Syrian embassy. “The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in South Korea categorically denies all false news and misinformation regarding Elnaz Rekabi.”