Iran, the Miss Italia finalists cut their hair as a sign of solidarity

The girls of Miss Italia also cut their hair as a sign of solidarity with Iranian women, who for days have been protesting against the ayatollah regime after the killing by the moral police of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, arrested for wearing the Islamic veil badly .

The 21 finalists of the historic Beauty Contest posted the images on their social profiles, collecting the appeal of some members of the Iranian community and making that symbolic gesture to express closeness to women in that country and to ask for respect for human rights. against any discrimination.

“What is really needed is the continuity of information and attention” – says in the video clip Patrizia Mirigliani, patron of Miss Italia, also immortalized while joining the initiative “Now we are focused on Iran, but unfortunately we are witnessing a regression of the female condition, not only in the Arab world but also in Italy, in the West, where every day we are grappling with prejudices and stereotypes linked to the female universe – continues Mirigliani – “The emancipation of women, unfortunately, does not go never taken for granted. Iranian women have shown us that they need us, they have given us a strong call, they have asked us not to be left alone, because they are taking to the streets, demonstrating and fighting for their freedom at risk. of life. We cannot ignore them. ” And she concludes with a thought to Alessia Piperno “Let’s bring her home”.