Iran to Israel: “No madness after Hamas attack or response will be destructive”

Tehran ready for action if Israel were to involve Iran after the attack suffered on Saturday

In case of “crazy moves” by Israel, Iran’s response will be “destructive”. This was stated by the spokesman for the Tehran Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanani, referring to the possibility that the Islamic Republic could be subject to retaliation by Israel for the large-scale attack launched by Hamas.

“Important developments are taking place in Palestine,” Kanani said during a press conference, underlining that the ‘Al Aqsa Flood’ operation is “the response to the repeated desecration of the Al Aqsa Mosque by the Zionist regime and daily crimes against the Palestinian people”. Reacting to the “politicized and unfounded” accusations against Iran over its alleged role in this Hamas operation, the spokesperson – quoted by the Mehr agency – explained that they are due to the “heavy defeat of Israel”.

Iran and the attack launched by Hamas

“The accusations linked to an Iranian role” are “based on political reasons”, Kanani said, in statements reported by al-Jazeera.

Meanwhile, Iran’s mission to the United Nations has denied Tehran’s involvement in the attack launched by Hamas. “We firmly stand in unconditional support for Palestine. However, we are not involved in Palestine’s response, as it is taken exclusively by Palestine itself,” the Iranian UN mission said.

The Iranian mission also stated that “the measures adopted by Palestine constitute a completely legitimate defense against seventy years of oppressive occupation and atrocious crimes committed by the illegitimate Zionist regime.”

According to a reconstruction by the Wall Street Journal, based on information provided by leading members of Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran helped Hamas plan and organize the attack against Israel. Tehran gave the OK to the surprise action, carried out on Saturday 7 October, in a meeting which took place between emissaries of the Iranian regime and members of Hamas last Monday 2 October in Beirut, Lebanon, the newspaper states according to which the Security Guards corps Islamic Revolution has played a major role since August in collaboration with Hamas to plan the all-out attack. The details of the operation were defined last Monday in Beirut in the meeting referred to by the Wall Street Journal.