Iran, Voria Ghafouri arrested for “propaganda against the state”

In handcuffs in front of the son

Iranian footballer Voria Ghafouri was arrested in front of his sonafter a workout. Brought to prison on charges of “insulting and besmirching the reputation of the nation and of having made propaganda” against the state. The footballer, not involved in the World Cup, was on the field 28 times for the Iran national team. His comrades, in Qatar, refused to sing the anthem against England, as a sign of protest against the violence that broke out in the country after the death of Mahsa Amini, the young girl who died on 16 September, while in the custody of the police for not wearing the veil in the way considered correct. A warning from the theocratic regime in Tehran, for the Iranian internationals, who are now expected from the second match against Wales.

Ghafouri, a 35-year-old defender, has Kurdish origins and has already had friction with the Islamic authorities in the past. From his social networks, she supported the protests that broke out in the country, supporting the battle for women’s rights and visiting Kurdish-populated areas to express solidarity with the families victims of the repression.