Iraq, Gksd (San Donato) and Sace together for hospitals and infrastructure

Agreement to strengthen and enhance cooperation in various sectors with a high social impact

Develop potential cooperation on a number of projects in Iraq. With particular reference to hospitals, infrastructures and energy saving projects. This is the objective of the memorandum of understanding signed by SaceItalian Agency for Export Credit directly controlled by the Mef, e Gksd Investment Holdinga world leader in project planning, development and management, ranging from construction works and acquisition operations, to medical-scientific activities, up to consultancy services.

The Agreement signed at the Sace headquarters in Rome by Alessandra Ricci, CEO of Sace, Kamel Ghribi, president of Gksd Investment Holding and vice president of the San Donato Group, and Paolo Rotelli, vice president of Gksd Investment Holding and vice president of the San Donato Group, aims to strengthen and enhance the cooperation between Gksd Investment Holding and Sace in various sectors with a high social impact, including investment for energy saving, the construction and management of hospitals, housing construction and related services and other building projects, as well as to encourage trade between Italy and Iraq as a whole. Thanks to this partnership, Sace will be able to identify new opportunities in Iraq, where Gksd Investment Holding, with its Italian suppliers, can bring concrete benefits.

“This signing represents an important step towards a partnership which, we are sure, will bring long-term opportunities and development for both Italian companies and Iraq, with concrete benefits for communities and collective well-being”, underlines Alessandra Ricci, CEO of Sace. “The agreement lays the foundations for intensifying trade between the two countries, will allow Italian companies present in Iraq to participate in the implementation of important projects with a strong social impact in the infrastructure and energy fields and once again underlines our role for the sustainable growth of Italian companies in the world”, he adds.

Iraq, he notes Kamel Ghribi, President of Gksd Investment Holding and Vice President of the San Donato Group“has experienced a long season of crisis and insecurity, from which it is emerging thanks to the government, which is strongly committed to restoring stability to the country and it is in this new scenario that the numerous opportunities for Italian companies must be evaluated. Gksd, with one’s experience, particularly in the health sector, can actively contribute to the rebirth of the country and the reorganization of its health care, starting above all from the urgent need for new infrastructures and buildings, but also for managerial and medical-scientific expertise”.