Irene Effe, the importance of moving forward is called I free myself from evil

After an important journey of musical research and a profound period of personal and artistic change, the talented singer-songwriter Irene Fornaciari returns in a completely new guise presenting itself to the public with the name of Irene Effe and publishing Friday 1 December 2023 the song I free myself from evil (distributed by Altafonte Italia), already available in presave. The song, composed and produced together with Federico Biagetti (aka Dèrico)is the first single from the artist’s new musical project.

An impactful and decisive sound that grabs you and drags you on an almost otherworldly journey. Electronic sounds and ethereal atmospheres intertwine with the artist’s powerful voice. The text tells of when in life we ​​realize the importance of moving forward, leaving everything behind and getting out of all the negative constraints that kept us anchored to the past, making us suffer: “I completely questioned my artistic identity, the only thing I knew was that I needed to make music – he says IreneI got back into the game completely without compromises and without hiding my fragility. I crumbled and rebuilt myself, without denying the past, but finding the courage to really change direction and present this new chapter of my music. I free myself from evil I wrote it in a moment of total blackout, I needed to exorcise myself from the aftermath of some toxic relationships that I had been carrying around for some time and to have to confront once and for all the monsters inside me. Despite its very dark sound, I consider it a very positive song, which urges us not to escape, but rather face our difficulties and, when possible, dance through them.” Thanks to the new song, which lays the foundations for a recording project to be released soon, Irene Effe gives proof of a renewed awareness, of his constant commitment to his music, never predictable and predictable, of his passion and his desire to renew himself, adding a new piece to his artistic journey.