Irene Grandi, the sad confession: something very bad has happened

Irene Grandi told herself in an interview with Corriere della Sera: the sad confession surprised everyone.

Authentic icon of a generation, Irene Grandi she continues to be an artist with a great personality: “I’ve always liked to go against the tide. This did not reward me, perhaps also because I was not a good manager of myself. But now I understand that I can tackle new things even without expecting winning results, ”she recently told the Corriere della Sera.

Irene Grandi, the sad confession: something really bad happened (Credits: Instagram)

In the last period we saw her as a tutor at The Band, a Rai Uno program conducted by Carlo Conti and now the Florentine artist is the protagonist of a rock opera on witches by Stewart Copeland entitled The witches seed. Also, his tour starts tomorrow June 29th Me in the blueswhich already from the name indicates the intent of the project.

In fact, this adventure means for Irene a return to the past, the desire to rediscover her musical origins after a crisis that began during the lockdown. I lacked the momentum to do new things ”, she says without hiding a loosening of relations with musicians and producer. “So I decided to go back to the songs I grew up with,” she announces.

In the interview granted to the famous newspaper, Grandi also touched on a very private aspect, which is quite unusual given the confidentiality that has always distinguished her.

Irene Grandi, the confession that no one expected: what happened

After 4 years of marriage, the singer and her husband Lorenzo Doni they decided to end their union. The two had been together since 2015: before meeting the lawyer and golf instructor, Irene had already been married to Alessandro Carotti.

“It is difficult for me to have a stable relationship, my life revolves around work – he admits – The pandemic has perhaps accelerated and amplified the couple crisis. We were two worlds and we were unable to harmonize them “.

He then said that thanks to the yoga she managed to find a certain balance because this discipline helps her to give the best of herself in her work without expecting results: “It doesn’t matter if I reach a numerically smaller audience, or if the young people have moved away from me”.

Irene Grandi confession
Credits: Instagram

Good luck to the talented Irene Grandi for all her new projects!