Irene Tinagli to “L’Ospite” on Sky TG24: “Immigration is a divisive theme”

The deputy secretary of the Democratic Party is the protagonist of the political appointment with Massimo Leoni. Political current affairs are among the issues at the center of the question and answer, including: the writing of the financial maneuver, the relations of the Democratic Party with the executive and within the government majority

“Immigration is a divisive theme”. Thus Irene Tinagli, protagonist of “L’Ospite”, a political meeting on Saturday afternoon on Sky TG24 conducted by Massimo Leoni, spoke about the latest European council and the situation of the 27 EU countries. At the center of the question and answer with the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party the main issues of current political affairs, including: the writing of the financial maneuver, the relations of the Democratic Party with the executive and within the government majority.

“The EU’s objective is to foster dialogue”

Remaining on the subject of immigration and the pressures coming from some states that have asked to build walls to block flows or accuse Italy of doing nothing to stop arrivals, Tinagli explained that “if Europe fails to progressing on this front is because there are anti-Europeanists and sovereignists who prevent progress and have the tools to intervene on the issue. We live in this contradiction, in fact they complain that Europe does not intervene, but they prevent Europe from having the tools to do it because they do not want to delegate to Europe neither resources nor powers “. Faced with what is happening in Poland, where there is a large process of erosion of the “rule of law”, “it is normal for there to be protests and very harsh tones” from the EU. “The European Union – highlighted the deputy secretary Pd – has the objective of encouraging dialogue and this must remain the objective. The problem of Poland and the growing interference with the judiciary and therefore a threat to the independence of the judiciary must be against one of the founding principles of the Union, which is the rule of law. We cannot step back on this. I hope there will be no ruptures “. “The strength of the EU – he explained – is inclusion without questioning principles such as the rule of law”.

“Draghi is a leading figure in the EU”

When asked whether the current Prime Minister Mario Draghi could be a reference figure in Europe, Tinagli replied that “he already is, he is the present face of Europe because he is a figure that has been an important element for many years now. and fundamental for the stability of the euro and the economic and financial stability of Europe “. The deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, reconfirming the role of president of the ECB i Mario Draghi, stressed that he believes that” he will continue to maintain a key role also as president of the Italian Council, considering that Italy has one of the strongest economies in the EU and is the main beneficiary of the Recovery funds. Draghi is a reference figure with a great vision of where the EU must go “. On the possibility that the Prime Minister could become President of the Republic, and on which of the two figures has more weight within the EU, Tinagli said that “for the moment we keep him in this role which is fundamental because, now and in the next few years, the Italian government must manage the resources of the recovery Fund and must give Italy a direction of change towards growth “.

“Pensions, pay attention to young women”

Turning to the subject of pensions and with regard to exceeding Quota 100, Tinagli believes that we should try “to give a little gradualness” and avoid that there are people who had already made plans and who with sudden changes could find themselves in a situation different from their life plan. “We are at the beginning of the negotiations” on pensions in action, said the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, explaining that “we would like attention to be paid to women and the heaviest jobs. The government rightly raises a problem of economic and financial sustainability because we must pay attention to these elements, but there are needs to be reconciled “.

Maneuver: “We need progressive taxation”

Leoni, recalling that the tax reform goes through a rather complex legislative process and that Salvini and the center-right insist on the flat tax, asked what formula the Democratic Party will implement. “The Democratic Party has already put in place its proposal on taxes – Tinagli highlighted – progressive taxation, so those who have more contribute more. The flat tax would be a gift to those who are better off. We ask for a relief on the middle classes. -bass “.

Massimo Leoni’s Guest

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