Irina Shayk, seductive shots on vacation. The photographer is the former Bradley Cooper

When she’s not busy on the sets of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines, Irina Shayk poses for her followers on Instagram and for a photographer who is particularly close to her heart: Bradley Cooper.
The Russian supermodel has once again captivated the social media audience with a series of snapshots from the Sea Holiday that she spent with the American actor and director who was her partner for four years and who is the father of her only daughter, Lea De Seine.
In super seductive poses, the 37-year-old looks relaxed and absolutely delighted to be spending time with her date. The model, who was recently spotted with Tom Brady, continues to attract the attention of observers.

Irina promotes Bradley Cooper’s film Maestro

Though their romance officially ended in 2019, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper continue to maintain a special reportand not just for the sake of her six-year-old daughter.
The last beach holiday spent in harmony and documented on Instagram, if on the one hand it strengthens the hopes of those who have been wishing for a backfire between the two, on the other hand it would seem proof that the bond between the model and the film star has changed but is stronger than ever.
On the strength of Cooper’s benevolent attitude to his flirtation with former NFL star Tom Brady (a source told Page Six not to be frightened by this liaison which could end in a short while), Irina appeared well prepared towards her ex-partner to the point of promoting it on her very popular Instagram profile Masterhis latest effort signed by him and in Competition at the Venice Film Festival 2023.
A few days ago, on the birthday of Leonard Bernstein – the subject of Masterthe biopic directed by and starring Bradley Cooper – Shayk has published in Stories a Cooper’s photo as the great American composer. Another reference to Master it is also present in the post of the photos of the beach vacation. The author of the photos it is indicated as “LB”the initials of the musician to whom Cooper lent his face.

Topless photos by the sea

Bradley Cooper and Irina spent this last remnant of summer together, in an unspecified wild and fascinating seaside resort. Little Lea De Seine was also with them but the presence of the little girl did not prevent the parents from dedicating time to themselves, as evidenced by the photos that have appeared on Shayk’s Instagram profile.
If the photo of Cooper stretched out in the sun on a canoe, a beautiful black and white portrait, appeared in the Stories for only a few hours, the photos of the top model taken by his ex-partner are still clearly visible and available to his many admirers.
The model let herself be photographed immersed in a natural set, on a rock face on the beach. topless, with the breast covered by one armIrina sported a dazzling look unusual style composed of swimsuit bottoms, Nike terrycloth shoes and socks and a sweatshirt tied at the hips. Away from the catwalks, you can also indulge in some more relaxed and extravagant outfits.