Irregular landings, Meloni: “Naval blockade with a European mission”

“Evaluating who has the right to be a refugee and who is an illegal immigrant”

The issue of landings must be addressed “upstream” with the “naval blockade, which is nothing more than a European mission to negotiate together with Libya the possibility that departing boats will stop; the opening of hotspots in Africa, and, in Africa, the evaluation of those who have the right to be refugees and of those who are irregular immigrants; the eventual distribution of real refugees from Africa, and sending the others back “. Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d’Italia, told Studio Aperto in view of the 2022 political elections scheduled for 25 September. “The only serious way to tackle the issue is to stop considering two different things equal, refugees and irregular immigrants. It is a falsehood that the left has built up over the years and that leads us into the chaos in which we find ourselves”, he added.

Italy’s western position is “decisive” for Fdi in the center-right program, Meloni said. “We cannot allow Italy to waver. It is essential for our nation to demonstrate seriousness, loyalty, loyalty: a high standing, also in order to better claim its interests in the international arena”, both with respect to the greater direct presence in the Mediterranean , both with respect to the theme “of compensation for the nations that pay them the most … The basis for defending one’s national interest is to prove credible,” he said.