Irregularities in Carlos Menem’s will that seriously affect Máximo Bolocco

The driver Cecilia Boloco The 56-year-old is dedicated to her work commitments on television and is also focused on the sales of her footwear collection, which is now available in Falabella stores. In the middle of her schedule, she finds time to take care of her son’s well-being, Máximo de ella.

Maximo Menem Bolocco He is in his last year of high school and soon he will have to choose which career he will study to perform in the future, but that is not the only problem that the adolescent faces these days, but rather the inheritance that he will receive from his deceased father, Hang on a wire.

This week the drama facing the family was revealed Bolocco because the will left by the former president of Argentina, Carlos Menem, presents irregularities. Another of those affected is his half-brother Carlos Nair Menem, who filed a legal action through his lawyer Alejandro Cipolla, against his sister Zulema Menem.

Maximo and Cecilia Bolocco. Source: Terra archive

This information was released by the newspaper Perfil de Argentina and there Cipolla explained: “There are endless irregularities (in the file opened by the succession). Zulema she was summoned three times to report the assets and she ignores them.” Apparently she disposed of her father’s assets arbitrarily.

Maximo Menem Bolocco. Source: Terra archive

“All the properties that he had Carlos Menem They are from Zulema. I am also going to review the donations because they affect the legitimacy of the heirs,” added the lawyer, explaining that Zulema Menen, the eldest daughter, had the administration of all the assets and that “this means that there is an heiress who monopolizes a considerable patrimony and two heirs who until now were excluded (Máximo and Carlos Nair)”.