Is Lulù Selassié with a former student of Amici? Check the shot

Is the young and beloved Lulù Selassiè together with a former student of Amici? Check the shot that leaves little room for doubt: the truth.

He had already participated in a famous TV program, but it is since he took part in the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip that Lulù Selassiè’s popularity has skyrocketed. Candidate for the title of winner – later obtained by her sister – the young princess made herself known at 360 degrees. With her sensitivity but her extreme strength, the beautiful Lucrezia got everyone in agreement, winning a place in the heart of the Italian public.

Lulù Selassiè. Credits: Instagram

If in recent months, Lulù has risen to the limelight due to the end of her love affair with Manuel Bortuzzo, in recent days she has returned to make people talk about herself. Her ex-boyfriend, met right in the house of GF Vip, found love and came out on IG, but what about her?

In these last hours, in fact, some shots of Lulù together with a former competitor of Amici. That she too has found love again? This is precisely the question that so many have asked themselves after seeing these latest photographs of her. Only now, however, has the truth arrived: this is what we know!

Is Lulù Selassiè paired with a former competitor of Amici? The truth

Not only precious style tips, but also shots that told her everyday life! Lulù Selassiè is very active – as well as very popular – on Instagram and she never misses an opportunity to be talked about. She also did it a few days ago when, on the web, some shots began to circulate that portray her in the company of a former competitor of Amici. No, we’re not talking about some social ‘clues’ that made you believe she was at Deddy’s house, but much more.

A few shots where aroused the curiosity of his supporters Lulu is shown in the company of a former face of Amici. At first appeared in one of her direct social networks and, later, in her company in the light of the sun with an Ig Story, the Selassié fans believed that the young woman had started a relationship with Astol, competitor of the talent of Canale 5 in 2017. The Does the young woman’s heart beat again for someone after Manuel? Apparently, it would seem not! While her fans would be happy to see her in love again, it would seem that Lulu still has her heart free. Her relationship with the young singer, in fact, would be nothing more than a simple and beautiful friendship.

lulu former student friends
Astol and Lulù IG. Credits: Instagram

Do you believe in friendship between man and woman? From what Fanpage learns, it would seem that between Lulu and Astol there is only this.