Is she still married after Vite al Limite? Twist: how is it today

Is Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient still married after Lives at the Limit? Resounding twist: how is it today.

Not only Karina Garcia and Robert Buchel’s drama, but also the sensational transformation of this very young patient of Dr. Nowzaradan made the sixth edition of Lives to the Limit. Made known to all Real Time audiences almost at the end of the season, the 45-year-old easily captured attention for her shock weight loss.

How are you today. Credits: Discovert

If you want to track down the reason that pushed her to gain more and more fat and reach a weight of 268 kg, you have to go back in time. On television cameras, the woman said she began to have this need to eat to ease her pain when her father passed away. We do not know what caused her death, but we can clearly understand that the pain she felt must have been truly immense. To this dramatic event, then, another is added: the loss of her mother! The woman, in fact, had not been able to overcome the loss of her husband and she has thus practically annihilated herself in all respects. Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient, therefore, found herself practically alone. And to give her comfort in these years, there was only her food.

What happened, however, after Vite al Limite? And most importantly, after the program is still married? Let’s find out how she is today.

Is she still married after Vite al Limite? Real twist

Even if she did a lot of strength on her own, proving to be very autonomous, it was inevitable that she would get help from her husband because of his extra pounds. The former face of Lives on the Limit, in fact, he weighed 268 kg and his health conditions were quite complicated. It is this, therefore, that prompted her to ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help and to start a weight loss process with him.

The story we are telling you is the one starring Tamy Lyn Murrell. Joining the clinic weighing more than 250 kg, the 45-year-old immediately committed to losing weight. And, after the 12 months of the program, she managed to weigh 157 kg. How are you today? Even fitter! We tracked her down on Instagram and saw that the beautiful Murrell has lost even more weight. What happened, though, with her husband? Is Tamy still married? Reading several comments, it would seem that the couple didn’t have an easy time in their romance. This last shot, dating back to last May, confirms that everything has been overcome. Here they are together:

married lives on the edge
Tamy and her husband. Credits: Facebook

Needless to say, her fans were happy not only to have seen her again with her husband, but also to see her losing weight. Well done!