Isernia, raped her daughter since she was a child: she will serve 5 years in prison

The arrest for ‘sexual assault and ill-treatment of the youngest daughter’ carried out after the final sentence. The 57-year-old was transferred to the capital’s prison

He had raped and abused his daughter since she was 5 years old. For this reason, in recent days, personnel of the Mobile Squad of the Isernia Police Headquarters executed a prison order issued by the Isernia Public Prosecutor’s Office against a 57-year-old sentenced by final judgment to 5 years’ imprisonment for crimes of sexual violence and ill-treatment against the younger daughter.

The investigations, launched in December 2019 and conducted by the Flying Squad under the direction of the Public Prosecutor of Isernia, made it possible to ascertain that the man had abused his daughter since the age of 5. After tracking down the man and completing the usual formalities, the officers took him to the district house of the capital for expiation of the sentence. With the conviction, the man is forfeited from parental authority.